Gender Balance in Carcassonne: About as Good as it Gets

Gender Balance in Carcassonne: About as Good as it Gets

There’s something weird about the Android and Windows versions of the city-building board game Carcassonne: they feature a precisely equal number of apparently male and female playable characters.

Perhaps that shouldn’t be remarkable, but, well, it kinda is. Carcassonne’s characters are used as both user avatars and computer opponents, so they either have their own personalities or reflect the player’s. Representations of women in video games, when they exist at all, tend to be sexualized and unrealistic.

Since Carcassonne is the creation of our more enlightened cousins in Europe, it should be able to avoid those tropes.


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Mobile Biz Buzz Episode 24

I know, ballin’, right?

I hope you enjoy my debut as Carson Daly/Ryan Seacrest/Michael Swaim. Oh, I suppose there’s actual content too.

Key takeaways from this video:

  • Mobile devices are spreading faster than older technologies did.
  • Samsung’s Smart App Challenge 2012 offers more than $4 million in prizes to developers.
  • SHAPES+ offers virtual interactive games teaching colors, numbers, and shapes.

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