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No, I’m not reposting that old story I wrote in 2001 predicting apps, though I am linking it, apparently. What have I done for you recently, you ask?

4 Ways IT Consultants Can Leverage the Cloud

Life for the IT consultant can be a lonely one. Never settling down at one company, bouncing from server room to server room. You might not even have a real office to call home base if you’re just working out of your, well, home. You do your best to keep all your assets and tools with you on a laptop, but it gets jostled around constantly.

Can the cloud help you organize your consultancy? You bet it can.

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IT conferences and consulting businesses

I found some more articles I wrote! These were on behalf of a CCIE training company.

First, 5 Great Conferences for IT Professionals in 2012:

There’s no better place to network and get a taste of the cutting edge than at an industry conference. Whether you’re looking for new contacts, searching out the next technology that can streamline your business, or just need to keep up with the lingo, these five conferences are terrific choices.

Read the complete article at Online Computer Tips.

As if that weren’t enough, how about 5 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own IT Consulting Business:

So you’re making the leap from employee to entrepreneur. As you marshal your skills to begin a new life as an IT consultant, keep in mind some basic advice from small business experts.

Read the complete article at Tech Fume. Complete except for outgoing reference links, oddly, so they are listed below:

The Guerrilla Consultant
Steve Friedl

Karl Wiegers

Randy Thomas and Susan Berry