My Cheaper-Than-Free Android Tablet is Somewhat Worse Than an iPad

I like deals. Even for things I don’t especially need. So when an online retailer offered an Android tablet with several offers that would end up netting me $35, of course I jumped. I don’t regret it, but it’s not for everybody.

Hipstreet Flare 3 tablet

Just don’t get too attached to that lustrous display image. Read on.

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Charge iPad, Plan Party, and Other To-Do Items

The latest articles I’ve published this week around the wide, wide, world of web:

Girls & Mobile Operating Systems

No, I’m not reposting that old story I wrote in 2001 predicting apps, though I am linking it, apparently. What have I done for you recently, you ask?

No, You Do Not Have An Android

I tried to submit this infographic to Cracked, and it was roundly rejected by the editors:

…man it’s hard for me to imagine the readers being that mad at people who don’t always remember to put the word “phone” at the end when talking about their android phone. I think you should talk to a professional about that.

They’re probably right, but see, androids are already a thing, correct? Just not YET. And historians are going to look back and see this weird period where people talked about owning androids and be all, “Nobody owned androids then, they weren’t invented for another 50 years, WTF?” because future people talk in run-on sentences and current slang acronyms.

Anyway, click on the preview below to see the full (large) graphic.

No You Do Not Have An Android

Hosting the Mobile Biz Buzz Episode 24

That mobile software company I write for (and is becoming more and more like an actual main job than one of several gigs) does regular short videos on cool tech news. They asked me to write the last one, and then said what the heck, want to host it too? Since I am a sucker for a stage, of course I said, “Sure!”

Mobile Biz Buzz Episode 24

I know, ballin’, right?

I hope you enjoy my debut as Carson Daly/Ryan Seacrest/Michael Swaim. Oh, I suppose there’s actual content too.

Key takeaways from this video:

  • Mobile devices are spreading faster than older technologies did.
  • Samsung’s Smart App Challenge 2012 offers more than $4 million in prizes to developers.
  • SHAPES+ offers virtual interactive games teaching colors, numbers, and shapes.

View all three-and-a-third minutes of glory over at the Zco blog!