These Lesser-Known Candidates (Also) Want to Be President

There are more people running for president than you see in debates. The Lesser-Known Candidates Forum at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics offers these, well, lesser-known candidates a very small platform for getting their ideas out.

In some cases, it’s a shame that such voices can’t join the herd of politicians polling above 1% nationally. They can’t get media coverage because no one knows about them, and no one knows about them because they can’t get media coverage.

In other cases, well, get 18 Democrats and 5 Republicans running for president in a room and there are bound to be a few head-scratchers.

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Put a Phaser on Your Profile Picture

Phaser firing a blue beam

Nothing against Star Wars in general or The Force Awakens in particular, but I’ve always been a Star Trek guy. So I haven’t felt compelled to superimpose a lightsaber on my Facebook photo, like one might do with a flag of some sort.

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My Cheaper-Than-Free Android Tablet is Somewhat Worse Than an iPad

I like deals. Even for things I don’t especially need. So when an online retailer offered an Android tablet with several offers that would end up netting me $35, of course I jumped. I don’t regret it, but it’s not for everybody.

Hipstreet Flare 3 tablet

Just don’t get too attached to that lustrous display image. Read on.

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Careless Reminiscing, Random Phrases, and Non-Future-Proof Songwriting

You’ve probably seen the “On This Day” feature of Facebook – if not with your own posts, then with those of your Ffriends*. In theory, you’ve shared only your most joyous and most impressive moments online, so you’re only too happy to be reminded of them, and have the opportunity to share them all over again.

Or maybe you were having a sucky time on this date a few years ago. Remember that?

No no, this was fine. Not fantastic or anything, but fine.

No no, this was fine. Not fantastic or anything, but … fine.

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Defunct: A Webcomic Starring Your Discarded Gadgets

We all own junk. Some of us keep junk around way after we stop using it, telling ourselves we’ll fix it up or sell it or repurpose it. In my case, a lot of it ends up in the basement.


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