Careless Reminiscing, Random Phrases, and Non-Future-Proof Songwriting

You’ve probably seen the “On This Day” feature of Facebook – if not with your own posts, then with those of your Ffriends*. In theory, you’ve shared only your most joyous and most impressive moments online, so you’re only too happy to be reminded of them, and have the opportunity to share them all over again.

Or maybe you were having a sucky time on this date a few years ago. Remember that?

No no, this was fine. Not fantastic or anything, but fine.

No no, this was fine. Not fantastic or anything, but … fine.

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Defunct: A Webcomic Starring Your Discarded Gadgets

We all own junk. Some of us keep junk around way after we stop using it, telling ourselves we’ll fix it up or sell it or repurpose it. In my case, a lot of it ends up in the basement.


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How to Deactivate an Office 365 User in One Million Easy Steps

Some enterprise email systems are easy. Some email systems are hard. Guess which one Microsoft made.

Office 365 Into Darkness

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Opening Tracks of Every Muse Album, Ranked

It’s totally unfair to judge an entire album by its first song. So today we’re doing exactly that.

Muse album covers

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Apple Pioneers Radical New Concept: Paying Musicians for Their Material

DISCLAIMER: The title of this post is sarcastic.

Until this weekend, Apple was so confident in its new streaming service that it didn’t even feel the need to pay royalties for the music it would be streaming during the 90-day consumer trial period. It took a scathing Tumblr post from Taylor Swift to make them change their minds.


Give yourself more credit, Tumblr. You can be useful in extremely rare cases.

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