Put a Phaser on Your Profile Picture

Phaser firing a blue beam

Nothing against Star Wars in general or The Force Awakens in particular, but I’ve always been a Star Trek guy. So I haven’t felt compelled to superimpose a lightsaber on my Facebook photo, like one might do with a flag of some sort.

I’d rather put a phaser on it.

And now you can too! Just download the image below at the resolution you prefer and paste it over your profile pic in the image editor of your choice. (I used GIMP. Mac OS X’s Preview should work; Microsoft Paint does not because it doesn’t support transparency.)


800 x 800       700 x 700       600 x 600
500 x 500     400 x 400     300 x 300     200 x 200     100 x 100

Please don’t be offended, Warsies. Us Trekkies just have a lot to celebrate too, what with the trailer for Star Trek Beyond dropping, that movie coming out next year for the 50th anniversary of the franchise, and a new series in 2017. The more space pew-pew the better, right?

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