Hosting the Mobile Biz Buzz Episode 24

That mobile software company I write for (and is becoming more and more like an actual main job than one of several gigs) does regular short videos on cool tech news. They asked me to write the last one, and then said what the heck, want to host it too? Since I am a sucker for a stage, of course I said, “Sure!”

Mobile Biz Buzz Episode 24

I know, ballin’, right?

I hope you enjoy my debut as Carson Daly/Ryan Seacrest/Michael Swaim. Oh, I suppose there’s actual content too.

Key takeaways from this video:

  • Mobile devices are spreading faster than older technologies did.
  • Samsung’s Smart App Challenge 2012 offers more than $4 million in prizes to developers.
  • SHAPES+ offers virtual interactive games teaching colors, numbers, and shapes.

View all three-and-a-third minutes of glory over at the Zco blog!