INFOGRAPHIC: 47 Years of Star Trek

This weekend marks possibly the most significant anniversary in the history of historicity itself. I hope you’ll share this infographic to celebrate with me.

INFOGRAPHIC: 47 Years of Star Trek

For the purposes of this infographic, the recent reboot movies are grouped with the original series. Both “The Cage” and “The Menagerie” are included in the episode and minute totals for the original series as well, but Generations is counted as a fully Next Generation movie.

This post is brought to you by Wikipedia (for numbers research and title logos), LCARSCOM (for color and font recommendations), a lifetime of overzealous fandom, and of course the number 47.

5 Responses to INFOGRAPHIC: 47 Years of Star Trek

  1. Dad says:

    Very nicely done. How many more days would be needed to watch all the parodies from SNL and other sources?

  2. LOVE this infographic, jaq! :)

  3. Stephen Sumner says:

    That’s amazing! Will keep it on file in case I need it for the future (of course, with full credit to you!)

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