Autobot TARDIS T-shirt

At the Granite State Comicon a few weeks ago, I got a good look at a bunch of nerdy costumes and shirts while handing out flyers for Play Date New Hampshire. I’m not much one for cosplay myself, but it did inspire a little mashup T-shirt thinking on my part. What would go really well together? And I ended up with this.

Autobot TARDIS shirt

I’m not the first to combine Transformers and Doctor Who, of course; there’s TARDIS Prime by Jason Casteel, for one. But that design required, like, drawing and design talent, whereas mine just took a few minutes combining downloaded images in Paint Shop Pro. I do like the simplicity of it – wasn’t there an episode of the ’80s Transformers cartoon where none of the Autobots could transform? That was because their chameleon circuits got jammed, right?