Opening Tracks of Every Muse Album, Ranked

It’s totally unfair to judge an entire album by its first song. So today we’re doing exactly that.

Muse album covers

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Muse: Black Holes and Revelations – with “Exo-Politics” video cover

Muse - Black Holes and RevelationsPart 8 of 12 Albums That Stuck With Me

Before delving into the utter craziness that is this album, let’s talk about the final track, “Knights of Cydonia”, shall we?

I don’t even mean the crazy sci-fi video, a mashup of Firefly-style gritty space Western with robots and mustaches and plenty of other cult movie references. Or its thematic and auditory segue into the first track of the following album, released three years later.

Nope, it’s the fact that the song changes key about a zillion times without a single hint that it’s happening.

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Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories” is No Longer All About Singing

Longtime readers of the blog will remember my analysis of The Singing of Coldplay vs. the Soul of Muse. If you’ll recall, the learned conclusion of that scholarly article was that Coldplay songs mention singing a lot, while Muse songs mention souls a lot.

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The Singing of Coldplay vs. the Soul of Muse

If you’re a fan of either Coldplay or Muse, you’ve probably noticed one thing: one word gets repeated a lot.

For Coldplay, it’s some form of “sing.” Sometimes it’s a story about someone else singing; sometimes lead singer Chris Martin is making clear that he, at that moment, is singing.

For Muse, it’s “soul.” Lead singer Matt Bellamy has a soul, and it’s being perturbed in some way, or someone else’s soul is suffering a terrible fate, or whole swaths of souls are being wiped out in an apocalypse. It happens. Read more of this post