Solid Ground

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Like a jellyfish coasting in wet, where it can expand
Gliding and slipping everywhere drifting without a care
Rising, falling on whims of gravity, caught in strands of the
Liquid and mineral, plant life and cyclical patterns up and around in here

No one can see me floating
There’s water that presses all around
I’ve been to the deep end of the ocean
Where the rip tide’s a small side of what’s pulling you down

It’s easy to swim in circles when you barely know darkness from light
And the current seems to be all you need until skin turns dry
As we break into the air
And catch a glimpse of solid ground

Like a water snake trudging on land, slithering the best that it can
Sunning itself in the warm bright light ‘til death or ‘til night

When anything secret can happen
And the safe ones seek out a cave
Constellations seek their revival
And once upon a time there was playing with fire

History repeats when it’s all abstract, when a passing resemblance is enough
Serpents are common where sea meets land, but they’re frequently missed
‘Cause we all have second skins
We’re always shedding them on solid ground

Like it or not there’s a reason
For everything there’s a hell to go through
One day we’ll all stop trying
And that will be the end of living

What if I, what if I can
What if I can
Walk upon, walk upon land
Take a deep breath
And take one small step
We’ll walk upon land
We’ll walk upon land

We may turn around and go swimming
But locomotion could do us good
And if we should see something far away and free
Let’s call it a signal
To leave this solid ground
And go headlong to get lost and found
Far from solid ground

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