Dear Love,

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Dear Love,
I hope you’ve been well in your journeys across the world
Wherever you’ve been
Crossing state lines, borders, boundaries, defenses
Who are your thousand people?
And I’m sure you’ve seen your reflection once or twice
In an iris or an eyebrow or a whim
Love for years I’ve missed you without knowing your face, your name
Without knowing even of you
Lifetimes shroud the memories of specifics
The color of your eyes, your hair, your skin
But I still feel you writhing deeply in winter
All seasons cold without your wind
Are you standing there waiting, silent?
Or will you sing to me?
Love can you forgive me for not finding you so far?
The land is wide, the oceans deep
And teeming perhaps with the remains of our former bodies
Sinking, drifting, lifting among the waves
Saltwater grieving the distance we might not be sharing, swimming
Who are you, different since the last time spent within
Throw away your white carnation, don’t look for mine
Just close your eyes and sing to me
Love show me your contours, your shape I must relearn
The textures must not fade, the bridges must not burn
You may be crossing with matches in your hand
You may be matching crosses in the sand
You may be sailing under, you may be torn asunder
You may be coming toward me
You may be already in my arms as you sing to me

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