What Do You Love, and How Do You Know?

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I’m looking for some perspective.

We all have things we enjoy doing. Hobbies, activities, whatever. Some of us are lucky enough to do our favorite things for money, supposedly. And some people have an incredibly long list of things they’re absolutely passionate about.

But I sometimes find myself having trouble naming those things that I like doing. Some of the things I rattle off don’t seem like much fun at that moment; am I repeating them out of habit, or because I think they make me sound cool, or what? Do I really enjoy any of them for their own sake? Would I enjoy other things I haven’t tried, or haven’t invested the time to learn about properly? Do I only really enjoy kind of dull things?

I sometimes fear I am unable to take an accurate stock of my own interests. So I thought I’d ask anyone reading: what do you love, and more importantly, how do you know? What makes your favorite hobby worth doing? Why do you do what you do? Leave a comment with your answer, or write your own blog and link your answer, or write to me privately if you’re shy about being frank.

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