I TOLD you it was terrible

A few months back, I wrote I wrote a scathing review of the Wireless Air 60 gaming system for the Hippo. It’s one of those plug-and-play consoles, where all the games are stored in memory and you just hook it up to your television with RCA cables.

wireless air 60

Yeah, it looks like a Kinect. Big coincidence, I’m sure. It certainly doesn’t act like a Kinect, though. From the review:

See, you don’t make natural motions to roll your bowling ball or swing your bat. You hover your hands on controls overlaying the action on the screen. I had to wiggle my fingers to get the controls to activate (unless they accidentally activated from some motion I didn’t remember making). On-screen instructions are sparse, and the included manual, having been translated at least four times, is of only limited use.

When I purchased (and subsequently returned) my Wireless Air 60, it was on sale for $20 from its normal $40. Today I walked into CVS and saw this:


On one level, I hope my review didn’t tank a product into the shameful end of the clearance bin. It’s unlikely that I have anywhere near that much influence.

Then again, at $4.99, it’s still not worth it.

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