Gideon Freudmann: Adobe Dog House – with “Due Course” video cover

Gideon Freudmann - Adobe Dog HousePart 2 of 12 Albums That Stuck With Me

If it weren’t for a terrible teacher, I never would have heard of Gideon Freudmann.

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Counting Crows: Recovering the Satellites – with “Catapult” video cover

Counting Crows - Recovering the SatellitesPart 1 of 12 Albums That Stuck With Me

The term I use most often to describe Recovering the Satellites to myself is “brutal”.

The songs on this album go beyond heartbreak straight to utter despair, dysfunction, and complete emotional collapse. So it really was the perfect stuff to be listening to right after my first big college breakup. Teenagers never get overdramatic about these things, right?

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12 Albums That Stuck With Me (with Bonus New Year’s Resolutions!)

12 Albums That Stuck With Me

It’s time for another text-based Facebook meme. This one reads something like this:

In your status list 10 (-ish) albums that have stuck with you in some way. Don’t take more than five minutes and don’t dig too deep.

My list uses the “(-ish)” loophole and definitely ignores the five minute and not digging deep rules.

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