My Cat Takes Selfies, And So Can Yours

About a month ago, a revolutionary new app was announced. On the forefront of mobile technology, this app enabled creative expression and interspecies communication the likes of which had never been seen before.

The app was called Snapcat. It teaches cats how to take digital photographs of themselves with Android-based tablets and smartphones. They can then share those photos on Facebook, Twitter, and a social network called EyeEm.

Now, by “teaches,” I mean “shows a big red dot on the screen that bounces around,” obviously. The dot encourages cats to tap on the screen, at which point a picture is taken. Also, technically, it’s up to a human to edit and share the photo. Details, whatever. My cat, Ollie, was entertained for a good seven minutes the other night while I did some housework.

Ollie and Snapcat

As you can see, he’s quite impressed with his work.

Getting the app installed on my tablet was quite a chore, but once I did, it performed quite well. All the photos Ollie took of himself were added to the tablet’s Gallery app – unlike on my phone, where they were saved in the same location (/mnt/sdcard/snapcat) but didn’t show up. Within the Snapcat app itself, I was able to apply basic edits like contrast adjustment and filters to each photo before sharing.

Snapcat was originally coded in 24 hours at a hacking event in Berlin. It was just updated last week.

The xxc cx

That was Ollie walking across my keyboard. Sorry.

Anyway, he did seem to enjoy himself. He’s not getting a tablet of his own, though.

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