The Women! Uncaged

You may recall that I’ve been attempting to formally secure the rights to place an image from Star Trek on the (virtual) cover of my EP, The Women! My e-mail from April received a response a month later:

Unfortunately, we are unable to license the rights to use the Star Trek “The Cage” episode still shot for your album cover.

Phooey. Not a big surprise, but disappointing nonetheless. Fortunately there was a backup plan. And thus do I reveal to you, my loyal fans, The Women! Uncaged:

The Women! Uncaged

The music is no different. Only the cover art is, uh, vastly improved. If you’ve previously downloaded, you can delete and re-download or just associate the new picture with the MP3 files. Or do nothing at all, but then CBS will come after me with phaser-toting lawyers.

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