New Hippo Techie: Future past

I’ve spent the last couple weeks addicted to Words With Friends and Lexulous, Scrabble clones that I play online. Both have Android (and iOS) apps, so even stepping away from my computer provides no relief from the addiction.

It’s sort of weird that I can get so wrapped up in a digital version of a game I have in an armoire in my house that’s been taken out maybe once or twice. But the online version, and especially its mobile app extension, offers a fundamentally different experience. Most of my opponents are distant friends I haven’t seen in person for years. Moves can be made hours or days apart, so we don’t even have to be free at the same time. I also have a dozen games going at any given time.

That same-but-better feeling drives a lot of apps and gadgets. Developers have taken a few different tacks in the quest to replicate one of the most ancient and useful inventions ever: paper.

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